Hi you, 🙋 it’s me again.

I missed to see your face yesterday cause I was busy eating my hunger away. I really felt sorry for me to just watch your back escape in the crowd. I want to see you see me. My brain is telling me to stay away but my heart listens to what my friends say. This is too much admiration, too strong to hold and as days pass by it has doubled its fold. This will be the last year for us to be together, and I’m grabbing every opportunity for me and you to be near. It’s just sad that weeks from new year you’ll be left here and I’ll be out there. I know those two weeks will bore me but I can’t sacrifice it anyway. It will be for you and me if the future will cooperate in what I want it to be, but ofcourse you’ll have the final say cause I don’t wanna force that us in me.


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