Love vs Hate

Hi guys!!

Love is known to be one of the most important things that money can’t buy. Love gives happiness, warmth and peace. It’s never jealous and cold. Everyone wants love and to be loved! Nobody likes the enormous destructive force called hate because it drives to an abyss of violence.

Sometimes because of it you may think that your beloved people have qualities they really do not have. At the same time, this feeling helps reveal all the positive features of the person you love. Sometimes love makes people do heroic things. Love can make life full of joy, fun and laughter. This feeling is able to give you a brand new life, help you gain new strengths and creative forces.

Love and hate are one of the strongest opposites in our dichotomous thinking. Why then unhappy love often turns into deep hate and ruined relationships? A person in love loves everyone. This overwhelmingly positive feeling can change the world drastically. A person in hate becomes an enormous destructive force. It drives to an abyss of violence.

These days you live in an imperfect world.  Right at this moment, wars are being fought, people being wounded and killed.  Do you see love? Peace? Or hatred?

Who ever lived to hate? Love is powerful because it makes your existence meaningful. Hate invites loneliness, whereas love denies it. Hate ruins personality, whereas love builds ego identity. Hate results in acts of violence, whereas love leads to amazing acts of kindness. Hate destroys, whereas love creates. Hate is war, whereas love is peace. Hate is bad, whereas love is good. Hate is revenge, whereas love is construction. Hate is meaningless, whereas love is meaningful. It is always “love” that gives birth to “love”.

Discover your powers. Discover love in yourselves. Be sure you’re more powerful to love than to hate. Keep love inside and all will be always fine. Thank you for reading spread love you guys. ✌



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