The Camiguin Getaway 2016 💙

I’m not good in dealing with people, making me look lonely when I travel but I am enjoying the company of myself. HAHA! Yes you got it right. I travel alone and these people around me are strangers. Joining pax of other people to save more because if I don’t I would probably walk my way home.

Last summer 2016, I went to Camiguin for a tour, and as usual I was alone but I joined a pax of strangers to get a lower price for the tour. It would be wiser that way because if you go alone you’ll shoulder all the expenses from car, gas and tour guide. I went to the different springs in the island but I would advice if you wish to visit the hot spring, do it on rainy days or at least not during summer because it dries up and it becomes stagnant.

  • Katibawasan falls
  • Walkway to the old volcano
  • Sunken cementery
  • Sto. Niño Cold Spring
  • Soda Water Swimingpool
  • Ardent Hibok-hibok Hot Spring Resort
  • Old Church Ruins
  • White Island
  • Dreamland Resort (acomodation)
White Island



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