Catugasan, Lila, Bohol

The beautiful sunset view of Catugasan, Lila, Bohol. 😍😎

Facinating sunset of Lila Bohol




20160413_172406-1This was taken last April 13, 2016 in Catugasan,Lila, Bohol. Me and my family were gathering sea urchins and sea weeds for dinner; we love seafoods so much.



FB_IMG_1460710017148SawakiFB_IMG_1460710013920BangasFB_IMG_1460710022655Ambang (seeweed sepecie)

These sea urchins are gathered for thier gonads which the people here eat. Its creamy and very tasty. Horay to the clean shores providing us tasty foods. 😁🙌 #blessed #seashore #seafoods #sunset


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