My love for you is like a song

Wonderful lyrics in a rhythmic poem

I’ve felt your love before was true

As warm as the first summer glow.

When you told me you are now cold,

My whole world loses its mold

It makes me think what I did wrong

That makes you take away the song.

As I let you go

Don’t ever think my love had flew

Cause I made it not to make you blue

I don’t care if your happiness kills me, boo.

No matter how many tears I shed,

The grief I feel does not fade

No matter how busy I am

At the end in my mind you’ll come.

I made this poem to remember you

And every little things we’ve been through

You know it kills me to see you

With the woman whom you share your song to

But no matter what I do,

I know you wont even bother to say HELLO.



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